Saturday, 23 February 2013

Half Term Creativity

With it being half term this week it is very tricky to get much work done.  But it has been nice not to be rushing around quite so much.  So this week I got the kids to work!

I was going to sell or throw out this bunk bed and as it is slightly broken I knew I wouldn't get much cash for it.

At the same time I thought THIS IS CRAZY!!!
I need wood for another project want to work on so why not just recycle the bed!

The project is to make a giant loom and use all the clothes that are too rubbish to pass on, give away, or give to charity.  Basically clothes that are only worthy of the bin!  So I got a few pairs of holey leggings and a worn out t-shirt and cut them into long strips, now the weft!  I got some acrylic wool that has been hanging around and made the warp with that.  (I've just realised where the phrase time warp comes from.)

 I find it all very therapeutic and the kids love doing it too. Honest!  Rug anyone?

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