Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Parallax Art Fair 2011

I am taking part in a new fair called 'Parallax Art Fair' in London in July. I will be exhibiting my silks.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Large ideas with nowhere to go.

This blog piece has been inspired by the fact that I had to clear out my garage today...

When I was a younger artist, sixteen/seventeen, I was amazed by the big wide world and so important was art to my identity that I used to travel around London to see artists exhibiting in all sorts of places, which were advertised in Time Out magazine.
It made me feel I must be a more serious artist if I was interested in seeing others artwork. A lot of the time I would see works that took up lots of space. I thought these artists must be important people, with no concept of the fact that almost any artist could do this if they had the gumption.
I saw Tomoko Takahashi's work before she was nominated for the Turner Prize in 2000, I have an audio tape somewhere that I bought for a pound as an investment. I wonder if it is worth anymore now?
Anyway back to the point, I have in my time had loads of wild ideas that take up a lot of space but I have stopped myself producing them now. Because I can't house them anymore. My current work is postcard size because I feel until I attract the type of collector that can store my wild ideas in their storage containers there doesn't seem to be much point putting the effort in to make them.
It is that same old arguement I suppose that what makes those artists interesting enough to listen to? There are probably many other artists who want to say interesting things but just don't have anyone listening. So my large ideas are going to stay on ice (or in my sketchbook) until more people start listening. (Especially the ones with the storage containers.)