Sunday, 31 March 2013

The serious Art of bogey picking.

 Okay, before I get into trouble - this was an APRIL FOOLS JOKE!!! Thanks to everyone who thought I really would do this - check out a real bogey artist here!

Well I have been quiet for a while, and that is because I have been concentrating on my new exhibition.  I'm taking it up to London to the Brick Lane Gallery in July, they have been very accepting of my artwork.

So this is it in a nutshell.  The exhibition is going to be called 'The Excretion of the Nose-holes' and is going to feature a collection of my bogey pickings from the past 12 months! 365 days worth to be honest - yes, one a day! The bogies have been collected in special plastic cases  which I kept on my person during the day and changed each night.  They have been arranged logically, from day 1 to day 28, 30 or 31 in each monthly section within the gallery.  It's really fascinating, even if I do say so myself, to see the gradation levels of the bogies in the clear cases.   You can see where I've caught a summer cold and how bad the last winter has been for illnesses.  To be honest I do have hayfever so there's not really a day with a completely empty box!

Actually you would be surprised how beautiful bogies can be. They look like snowflakes under a microscope! There will be a separate section of the show with a  microscope available and some special slides to look at the bogies in more detail.

Dick 'n' Dom from 'Absolute Genius with Dick n Dom' have kindly accepted the offer to come to the Private View night and have said they are really excited to see the bogey exhibition as their new show is all about science they think the exhibition can also be viewed on a scientific level.

They will be joined by John McCririck, who I have been assured will not attempt to damage any of the boxes in an attempt to gain access to any of the delicious bogies as he only eats his own fresh bogies.  Am awaiting some replies from some other stars and will let you know as soon as I know.

I'm really hoping this exhibition takes off in a big way.  I am really keen to be in with a chance of winning the Turner Prize in 2014 and then maybe getting asked to exhibit at the Tate Modern which would just be an absolute dream!  So don't forget to nominate my exhibition for the Turner Prize this time next year!  And please share, tweet and facebook this blog straight away so the right journos hear about it.  Thank you!

And if you would like an invite to the private view please go like my facebook page and find the email subscribe tab and sign up to my mailing list and I will send an invite nearer the time.


more info to follow soon,

love Katy x

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