Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Art Auction in aid of the RNLI, Margate Harbour Arm Gallery

I've just discovered that my work is being included in the 100 lots being auctioned for the RNLI Margate charity.

I can't tell you which piece is mine, as the auction is anonymous, but if you visit the Margate Harbour Arm facebook page you can see the 100 lots and have a good guess.

Although hopefully you will mistake it for a celebrity's postcard and pays millions for it. All for a good cause.

Of course they've only gone and got my name wrong and put Fryde. I am going to have a big strop - don't they know who I am? ;-)

The website for the gallery holding the exhibition and auction:

The facebook event page:

The facebook page for the gallery, Margate Harbour Arm: http://www.facebook.com/margateharbourarm

The facebook album with pictures of the hundred lots.

The RNLI Margate facebook page:

The official RNLI youtube channel:

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