Sunday, 5 January 2014

11 Ways to not get Dumped on Valentines Day if you have an artistic/cultural girlfriend.

Okay this blog should be about art, but I've been painting some romantic pictures lately so have been thinking about what my ideal sweetheart could do for me this Valentines Day or the days leading up to it.  So if you like these ideas don't forget to pass them on as a big HINT and if you have a better idea please mention it below.

1. Cook a dinner for her. Yes a romantic dinner by candlelight and all that jazz.  But the most important thing is to wash up afterwards.  In fact you could skip the romantic dinner and just offer to do the huge pile of washing up.  She a creative, she doesn't have time to wash the dishes - she has more important things to do with her time.  Washing up will definitely get you brownie points. 

2. Give a bottle of sensual massage oils with this vintage packaging, creative types always appreciate nice packaging.  Don't forget to offer to give her a good massage too. There are plenty of books available on how to do good sensual massages.  Please be careful though, oils don't mix well with prophylactics and we don't want anymore babies as they stop us from getting our work done.

3. Watch something with her that she wants to watch even if you don't (in my case that would be a 'Neighbours' DVD!)  While you cuddle up with her in the dark in front of a warm, glowing fire, under a beautifully hand crocheted huge afghan/shawl all natural fibres, cotton, mohair and pure wool by Ruby Ruby.  This looks so cosy!

4. If you have children already, look after them for her (YES - more than you do already).  Let her relax and take it easy as you take the kids for a stroll on the beach or a walk in the woods.  Bring back some treasures that you know will spark her creative imagination.  Like this starfish - photographed by Liz Garnett.

5. Say it with flowers - not just any ordinary flowers that go off in a vase because she is busy and forgetful and doesn't give them enough water.  How about buying a limited edition floral vintage style dress from Abigail's Wardrobe.   Excellent for showing off the best parts of a woman.  I believe these dresses can be made to order to fit your lady perfectly.

6. Say it with chocolates - Look at this gorgeous tin of chocolate body paint, (or many other food alternatives, Baileys, ice cream, etc).  Offer to paint it on her and lick it off again, but don't be surprised if she wants to be the one doing the licking. But this is Valentines so make sure whatever she chooses - you wash and replace the sheets  - this is a dirty business. If she just wants to get a spoon and eats it straight out of tin, you probably need to start worrying about the relationship.  Alternatively she may think the tin is cute and refuse to open it.

7. Make a candle - but not just any candle.  Try moulding a special candle for your loved one. This website sells silicone moulds and this is a lovely one.  My dad was a beekeeper and used to make beeswax candles in this shape and they were very popular.   You will probably need to purchase a few expensive accessories. It is a bit pricey for one item but she's a creative - give her everything you bought to make it as her pressie, so she can have a go herself and sell them at her next craft fair.

8. Offer to pose nude for sketch or a painting.  This might work. Especially if you have an interesting body to draw. Of course if you are a bit shy you could purchase one of these.

9. Take her to the theatre. Something fun and upbeat. Either a musical or a comedy show.  Not sure about the show that is on here on Valentine's Day but what the heck. I love this theatre!  And Frank Skinner is also on if you want a safer option.

10. Whisk her away to a hotel in a cultural city.  So in 2017 that is going to be Hull! So to get in her good books you might want to take her to Paris or Barcelona before that. Please note that she may want to leave the hotel bedroom to visit the said cultural city - although maybe not in Hull. (Joke - I love Hull really.)

11.  Go visit an art gallery with your true love, she may just fall in love with a painting and you can go back without her to secretly make the purchase.

Or if you are on a budget start searching on Ebay for 'love painting' or 'valentines painting' under 'Art' and 'Self Representing artists' to get some going for a bargain (she'll never know). Like my painting above! It's a bit easier if you select the country you live in to narrow down the list of results.

Hope those tips help some people think a little more creatively about ways to be  romantic on Valentine's day.

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