Saturday, 14 May 2011

Penny Auctions on Ebay!

So I kicked off my penny auctions on Ebay with a painting of Stewart Lee. I think I will also name it 'Man with Guitar' for Stewart Lee haters.

Following the likes of Charlie Chittenden and Bryan Hible I have decided to sell art on an ebay auction for a penny for various reasons.

1. Pricing work is always a difficult decision for an artist. We have costs to cover that are much more than just the material cost of a picture.
And it would be good to live from our creativity and to be able to support a family too. I don't agree with the way of the capitalists and therefore cannot warrant pricing work to a level which is only suitable for purchase by a small minority with disposable income of a lifestyle I strongly disagree with.
I want my art to be available to anyone who likes it. Therefore I have made the decision to offer at least one of the 50 paintings of every new edition. (Not the ones that I have sold already for a higher price as that would not be fair to my current clients.)

2. My second reason is that I am using it as a marketing platform to attract new buyers to my work. By listing as a penny it will be more visible for longer. I will probably lose money this way but it could be worth it for the longer term plan.

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